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April 18, 2019

Featured Community Member: @Beaux

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This month's featured community member is @Beaux0 who lives in the new "Silicon Valley" of Blockchain - Central Wyoming. @Beaux0 is working on some exciting projects focused on allowing more people to ecologically mine Verium. @Beaux0 and his team are developing ARM processor mining equipment specially designed to work with renewable energy. In addition, he contributes by helping to manage some of the Vericonomy social media channels. On the April 12th Live Google Hangout, @Beaux0 joined Kevin and Doug to discuss his projects.

Charlie Blaisdell - VeriCoin & Verium Reserve Legal Counsel
April 02, 2019

Charlie Blaisdell To Provide Legal Counsel To VeriCoin and Verium

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Vericoin and Verium Reserve is very pleased to announce today that Charles Blaisdell, Esq. has joined the project as Legal Counsel.

December 14, 2018
December 11, 2018

VeriConomy Live Google Hangout – Friday December 14th 3:00 PM EST

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Join Doug Pike (@effectstocause) and Kevin Alvarez (@bluelynxmktg) this Friday December 14th at 3:00 PM as they discuss development progress and the overall crypto marketplace. What does this bear market mean to cryptocurrency and does it have any effect on VeriCoin and Verium?

Vericoin Verium National TV Commercial
September 17, 2018

VeriCoin and Verium on National TV in US Markets


VeriCoin and Verium will be introduced to millions of Americans through an educational segment that was produced in conjunction with "The Success Files with Rob Lowe". The campaign includes a 1 minute version that will be aired in the US during prime time on the Fox Business Network. In addition, the clip will be broadcast to the top 100 media markets in the US with a potential reach of 51 million homes. A longer, more educational video will air on public television as a segment in the "The Success Files with Rob Lowe" series. There is also a 6 minute full production video that was made specifically to promote the VeriCoin and Verium project.

VeriCoin Point of Sale System
July 04, 2018

Featured Community Member: @Miles

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This month's featured community member is @Miles who has made two major development contributions during 2018. In May @Miles published 2 videos on YouTube demonstrating an impressive Point of Sale prototype that happened to work alongside his other project - VeriWebWallet. The VeriWebWallet is a responsive web wallet that works with both VeriCoin and Verium. This allows users to send/receive VeriCoin and Verium from their portable devices.

Phiten - May 2018 VeriCoin & Verium Community Member of the Month
May 24, 2018

Featured Community Member: @phiten

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In this Featured Community Member post, we get to know @phiten who has already made multiple development contributions to both VeriCoin and Verium in 2018. If you're in the Slack channel, you have surely seen @phiten answering questions and offering support to both Verium miners and VeriCoin stakers. @phiten is a great example of how members of a decentralized community can be directly involved with the progress of the project.

VeriCoin European Meetups
March 17, 2018

European Summer Meetups

Blog | Meetups

VeriCoin and Verium will be traveling to at least 3 European cities this summer and we're asking the community to vote. The nominated cites were determined based on a minimum amount of VeriCoin Wallet and Verium Vault downloads. We look forward to seeing you at one of these meetups.

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