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VeriCoin Point of Sale System
July 04, 2018

Featured Community Member: @Miles

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This month's featured community member is @Miles who has made two major development contributions during 2018. In May @Miles published 2 videos on YouTube demonstrating an impressive Point of Sale prototype that happened to work alongside his other project - VeriWebWallet. The VeriWebWallet is a responsive web wallet that works with both VeriCoin and Verium. This allows users to send/receive VeriCoin and Verium from their portable devices.

Phiten - May 2018 VeriCoin & Verium Community Member of the Month
May 24, 2018

Featured Community Member: @phiten

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In this Featured Community Member post, we get to know @phiten who has already made multiple development contributions to both VeriCoin and Verium in 2018. If you're in the Slack channel, you have surely seen @phiten answering questions and offering support to both Verium miners and VeriCoin stakers. @phiten is a great example of how members of a decentralized community can be directly involved with the progress of the project.

VeriCoin Featured Community Member - Birty
February 28, 2018

Featured Community Member: @Birty

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Get to know, Birty - a legend from within the Verium mining community. If you've even toyed with the idea of mining Verium, you've probably come across one of his well-written articles regarding CPU mining. It’s hard to find someone with as much passion for mining Verium than Birty.

VeriCoin Featured Community Member - Nadjozer
January 30, 2018

Featured Community Member: @Nadjozer

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In this first Featured Community Member post, we visit someone who is passionately advocating VeriCoin and Verium in his home country of Venezuela. Whether it is radio show appearances, consulting with businesses or answering questions in forums, Nadjozer is making sure his country understands the VeriCoin and Verium technology.

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