Community Update #24-2020
June 08, 2020

Community Update #24-2020

Hello everybody !

We made a lot of change this week 🙂



  • Community page UI in Verium 0.19
  • Main Page UI in Verium 0.19
  • In app mining in Verium 0.19
  • Debug / Improve performance on Indexing / Rescan functionnality
  • Redefine the supply parity in Verium Core 0.16 and 0.19
  • Bootstrap implementation in Verium 0.19 UI
  • Few Fix on the main layout of Verium 0.19


  • Implementation of the Send Coin Page in Verium 0.19
  • Implementation of the Receive Coin Page in Verium 0.19
  • Implementation of the Transaction History Page in Verium 0.19
  • Implementation of the Wallet Selection / Encryption startup Page in Verium 0.19
  • Multi platform bot for help / tip / … (Discord, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Whatsapp ….)



  • Continue discussion with Exchanges
  • Re-organizing the github of Verium
  • Re-organizing everything around VeriConomy (Social Network, Github, …)
  • Defining the next VeriLive Date
  • Broadcast the Community Update on more platform (website, blockfolio, beam, …)

You can also follow the Trello board:


Join us on







Have a nice week !

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