Community Update 32-2020
August 03, 2020

Community Update #32-2020

Hello Community !

What a week, lots of activity on the multiple chat channel 🙂

The most important topic that divide, unite, and let’s be honest, was sometime bloody brutal was the coming up Uber Halving !

Around the 15th of August 2020, Verium will have his first and last inflation cut. We will move from 20% inflation rate to ~3%.

As expected, the money supply between Verium and Vericoin will be around 1/10 !

Another subject was the fee change for Verium. It’s still under active discussion, but we are thinking of a minimum fee of 0.001VRM follow by a 0.001 VRM / KB.

More details will be shared with the community in the next VeriLive !



  • Clean up Verium code to remove Segwit feature (useless for us)
  • Clean up Verium code to remove Bech32 feature (useless for us)


  • Fix the Fee implementation in Verium 1.3.0
  • Deploy applications on the new infrastructure
  • Vericoin 1.8.0 development
  • Custom block explorer
  • Clean witness code in Verium 1.3.0
  • Simplify fees implementation in Verium 1.3.0


  • Multi platform bot for help / tip / … (Discord, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Whatsapp ….)
  • Draw the Roadmap
  • Packaging Verium Vault 1.3.0 for Windows x64
  • Packaging Verium Vault 1.3.0 for Mac
  • Packaging Verium Vault 1.3.0 for Linux x86
  • Packaging Verium Vault 1.3.0 for Linux x64
  • Packaging Verium Vault 1.3.0 for Linux ARM
  • Packaging Verium Vault 1.3.0 for Linux ARM64



  • Verilive #5 – Date to be define ASAP
  • Define the topic for the next VeriLive (Will reach out to the community)
  • Continue discussion with Exchanges (ongoing)
  • Contact Bittrex Exchange (ongoing)
  • Discussion with Asian Exchange (ongoing)


You can also follow the Trello board:


Join us on







Have a nice week !

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