Community Update 44-2020
October 27, 2020

Community Update #44-2020

Hello everybody,

What a crazy week !


The Verium VIP1 (Verium Improvement Proposal) have successfully been activated at the block number 520 000 as it was planned 2 months ago !

That activation imply multiple great things :

  • Fees are now lower, moving from 0.2 VRM/Kb to 0.001VRM/Kb
  • The community agreed to that change and more than 50% moved to the new wallet (actually way more …)
  • We proved that we are able to do a Protocol Change in a really smooth way 🙂

Thank you to everybody that have migrated to the new infrastructure and to one of our member that moved ~6k input right after the activation 😀


But that’s not all, even if it’s mainly transparent (and that’s a good sign if it is ;)), we are still migrating infrastructure. We moved a big part of it (~80%) and we will continue.

You can follow our migration process on the Infra repository on Github

There is still lot of other things coming, and we are all really excited about the future of Vericonomy !




  • VIP1 Activation
  • Moved our bots (Slack / Discord / Telegram / Twitter) to the new infrastructure
  • Moved the boostraps to the new infrastructure (Vericoin & Verium)
  • Publish our Infrastructure configuration on Github
  • Fix specific orphan block jump on Explorer


  • Fix issue on “Join Slack” page
  • Continue to transform Vericoin Wallet
  • Implementation of the Consensus in Vericoin Wallet
  • Continue to redesign the new infrastructure
  • Deploy our new Block Explorer
  • Testing veriumMiner for ARM


  • Multi platform bot for help / tip / … (Discord, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Whatsapp ….)



  • We need your help on spreading the word !
  • Plan the next VeriLive (YES !)
  • Suggested to Livecoin to reduce the withdrawal fees (following VIP1)


You can also follow the Trello board:


Join us on

Slack: (Temporary Link)






Have a nice week !

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