VeriCoin European Meetups
March 17, 2018

European Summer Meetups

As mentioned in the March VeriCoin Marketing Update video, we are planning on setting up at least 3 VeriCoin/Verium Meetups this summer throughout Europe. Our hope is these meetups create new avenues to promote the VeriCoin and Verium project to new users as well as provide an opportunity for our existing community members to meet face-to-face, share drinks and hopefully build new friendships.

VeriCoin Meetup in Bucharest, Romania – October 2017

The last meetup we did in Bucuresti, Romania was very casual and attracted around 40 crypto enthusiasts. The event included a quick introduction of VeriCoin and Verium followed by some Q&A. Afterwards, the attendees drank beers and conversed with each other while describing their hopes, concerns and personal stories relating to blockchain. Overall the event was a success with many of the attendees requesting for a second meetup. Aside from the venue maybe being a little too loud, the meetup was considered a success. Bucuresti aka “the Paris of the East” has seen 188 completed goals (measured by VeriCoin wallet, Verium Vault, PoST White Paper Downloads, Slack Invites) since September 28th (the date of the event). This puts Bucuresti as the 8th largest city in terms of measured completed goals since then.

This time we want to make a bit of a more formal presentation and will be looking at venues like anticafes, college campuses, hotel conference rooms, etc. The final logistics will be determined after the selection of the cities is established. If you are from a host city and would like to assist with logistics, please email [email protected]

We have narrowed down the choices of cities based on the following parameters:

  • Each city must have had at least 85 goal completions in the past 12 months.
  • Unfortunately, we had to exclude any country that currently has a travel advisory warning of 3 or 4 from the US Bureau of Counselar Affairs. The prevented Istanbul, Moscow, Saint Petersburg from being added to the list of nominees.
    (refer to
  • Travel to the city must be relatively easy and must be close to an international airport.

You can see a map below for the cities that meet this criteria.

We will do our best to schedule the meetups during a Friday, Saturday or Sunday to make it easier for more people to attend as well as provide an opportunity for anyone living outside of the city to make a little weekend getaway out of it.


  • Voting will start on Monday March 26th and end Sunday April 22nd at 5pm EST
  • Each community member will be allowed to vote to up to 4 of their favorite cities (including 1 write-in). If the demand is high enough, we may do more than three meetups.
  • Write-In Votes are accepted but please consider ease of transportation getting to and within the city.
  • If write-in votes are abused, they will be moderated before being added to the list of options.

  • Voting is limited to 1 IP address and 1 Cookie. Please vote fairly to ensure we have the best possible turn out for each meetup.

Are you in a different part of the world and would like to setup your own meetup, please contact [email protected] for support and assistance.

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Are You Interested In Being A VeriCoin Diplomat?

We're looking for a diplomat from each city that we'll be attending to help with organization of the meetup. You don't need to do much other than help us determine which venue may be a good fit and to help guide us in the best way to promote the meetup in your city. Contact Kevin if you are interested.

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