Solar Powered Cryptocurrency Mining
April 18, 2019

Featured Community Member: @Beaux

Q: What is your handle or name you go by in the community.
A: ” You can use my real Name which is Beau Fowler, Or use handle Beaux0

Q: Where do you live?
A: Central Wyoming – Which is quickly becoming the blockchain silicon valley due to its new laws in favor of blockchain.

Q: What initially drew you into cryptocurrency? (the tech, the investment side, the community aspects, the socio-economic)
A: I mined Bitcoin at the very start, still have a couple BTC’s on a wallet on one of my hundreds of hard drives, still haven’t found it. This was when the wallets were stored cold on the drives – I have always been in the tech industry. I now have large contracts with huge commercial properties and see the potential cryptos can bring to all walks of commercial applications.

Q: When and how did you first learn of either VeriCoin and/or Verium?
A: Before the last bull run I found Verium’s Binary Chain a workable solution to what BTC and others were doing.

Q: What aspects of this project made you want to get involved?
A: I see VRC/VRM being a top 50 coin once the binary is in effect and we catch up with some of the other projects, I understand what its trying to accomplish and have the passion to help drive this project ! I see opportunities with VRM’s CPU mining only aglo that we should capitalize on . Living in the middle of a huge energy state, I have seen forefront the waste of energy in which we can harness and put towards Veriums mining chain.

Q: What are some things you have done to help the project so far?
A: Recently just getting involved more in the social media aspects and also sharing new ideas with the team. I would ideally like to start an operation in Wyoming for VRC/VRM , a larger mining operation and a headquarters in the state that is proving successful for larger crypto firms like ADA (Cardano) I would also like to successfully bring a sustainable miner to the project.

Q: In your opinion, what are some of the most urgent needs of the project that you will like to see improved or changed?
A: The mining hashrate needs to triple or quadruple in order for the chain to work properly and expand. In order for this to happen we need to create sustainable ways to achieve and attract new miners to our chain. By running a CPU based coin, we can create miners that are affordable and attractive by all means of the industry.

Q: Aside from cryptocurrencies, what are some of your other interests (sports, music, art, science, politics, etc)?
A: I started a makerspace in a small town in Wyoming, it has grown past my expectations , we have a lab we can take our ideas and actually form fiable products and solutions, in the lab we have all types of tools and tech items, anything from 3d printers to laser engravers . I am passionate about teaching the youth and even the older generations about blockchain and the benefits it has on society and tech . I enjoy making sustainable products ones which reduce carbon footprints and help create eco friendly solutions. We have many ideas and projects in the pipeline.

Q: Do you have anything you would like to share with the community?
A: I would like to share ideas about creating a sustainable miner for the community . Eventually I would like to create guides and resources on how one would be able to make and create their own miner , I would also make them available for anyone who would like to partake in this exciting new industry .

There are two different miners that I am currently working on, The first one is creating a small powerful and yet eco friendly miner, they can be stacked to add additional mining power, they can be altered to allow different sources of alternative energy such as solar, wind, hydro and even eventually thermo .

Additionally, I’m working on different sources of energy for the second miner, currently im in contact with a few energy companies in my area that would allow experimentation of CBM powered miners . In this scenario Coal Bed Methane would power the generators that would run the miners, this could be scaled in very very large operations or scaled back to run via small mining operations . There are many sites that burn off CBM to allow the oil to be filtered out. In doing so much of the extra CBM is wasted or flared off . We could in theory use alot of the burnoff of CBM to power miners at close to zero operating cost.

Although these two miner solutions are very different from each other, they are each utilizing existing power and are helping to increase the overall hashrate of VRM. Part of the issues that people are concerned about with bitcoin and other mining operations are that they are taking a tremendous amount of power to make the mining operations happen . The amount of energy used during the last two-three years is substantial ! ( Ultimating contributing to the global energy epidemic )

IMAGINE a blockchain that can be powered purely by Alternative energy and or use existing waste energy to power the chain. This not only takes away from the major power usage, but frees the project from strains of giant energy companies.

The goal is to make it affordable and usable by anyone with zero technical knowledge


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