VeriCoin Featured Community Member - Birty
February 28, 2018

Featured Community Member: @Birty

In this Featured Community Member post, we visit a legend from within the Verium mining community. If you have even toyed with the idea of mining Verium, you are sure to know who he is. There is a great chance that you were even introduced to the idea of mining Verium thru one of his articles. It’s hard to find someone with as much passion for mining Verium than Birty. The entire VeriCoin and Verium project owes a great deal of gratitude towards Birty and his contributions towards Verium.

Q: What is your handle or name you go by in the community?
A: Birty on slack and discord – been called it for years!

Q: Where do you live?
A: South of London, UK

Q: When and how did you first learn of either VeriCoin and/or Verium?

A: I’ve been into VeriCoin from the very beginning – I was lucky enough to have spotted the Ann early on and also to have bought a load of Gridseeds at the same time. I was pretty much a noob back in those days so nothing special really attracted me apart from it was a new scrypt coin and I had just bought a load of scrypt ASICs! Soon became clear the devs knew what they were doing as we got through a bit of a bumpy start and a few forks so I stuck with it. I mined a lot, sold too much too low and didn’t sell on the 50k pump – but hindsight is 20:20! I still hold a decent amount now – the staking gives great interest – way better than any bank account!

Verium I learnt of through following VeriCoin – really like the idea of being able to mine something again. I had sold off my mining equipment as they had got too hot and noisy to be inside the house and so a CPU minable coin seemed really great. Plus I knew the devs could and would deliver, and the VeriCoin funded ICO with up front bonus period had me sold. To keep it quiet I spec’ed and built an overclocked watercooled PC and then stayed up for the launch so I was in right at the beginning.

Q: What aspects of this project made you want to get involved?

A: Covered a bit of this already, but to start with the algorithm on VeriCoin, then the Devs kept me here. Now it’s the great community, the future roadmap, the unique tech we have on it and the fact this gives me a great opportunity to play with computers and electronics and get paid in internet money for doing it! Having this a CPU mineable is really great and the fact I can mine at a decent hashrate with electricity costs low enough that I don’t have to pay a massive bill every month is something that is pretty unique in crypto.

Q: What are some things you have done to help the project so far?

A: Back in the early days of VeriCoin I was a reasonably active community member and did things like donated 5k to the help get the VeriSend feature up and running and bought in on community projects like Socal’s silver VeriCoins. But to be honest I didn’t really have the coding skills to help out with anything else.

For Verium I think the main thing I’ve added is writing my steemit article on CPU mining and its detailed guide on how to get a Single Board Computer (SBC) farm up and running for mining. The first part has had just shy of 49k views, with nearly 9k views on the detailed write ups on building the rig. That write up seems to have generated a lot of interest with lots of people and I guess has helped steer people towards Verium which is good for all of us in terms of adoption (though maybe not so good for the hashrate competition!).

That original article has lead to me getting in touch with Hardkernel who make the XU4 and them creating their own 200 XU4 rig and I like to think influenced their decision to make the MC1/HC1. I’ve also got a short article published in Electronics Weekly about my oil cooled Verium mining rig. I went oil cooled for the ultimate in quietness – the only noise is from 4×29.5dBA fans so you can barely hear it operating. It’s been super reliable so far and no massive oil slicks as were so repeatedly predicted by jacko0088!

Getting exposure for us into places that have technically competent and interested people that may not have had any exposure to cryptocurrencies before seems like a really good idea to me, especially now that more people are hearing about bitcoin and there is such a low barrier to entry for CPU mining – everyone already has the hardware to do it!

I’ve also paid Fireworm to port the Verium miner code over to the ARMv8 architecture as I’m getting interested in power consumption now that the hashrate is going up so much. Fireworm has done wonders for the hashrate of the miners for everyone now as well! Being ARMv8 compatible is pretty unique to Verium as well, and has opened up a load of people to buying H96 TV sticks for mining recently. I’ve got an out-of-the-box Verium miner in the works that will be based on ARMv8 so be approx a third the power of an XU4, compatible on price and hashrate but in a form factor that will allow easy scaling up of the design.

Lastly I’ve also banged on about CPU mining to anyone that will listen to it at work and with friends – even chucked a few of them free coins to get their interest up! If we all spread the word then take up will follow

Q: In your opinion, what are some of the most urgent needs of the project that you will like to see improved or changed?

A: Right now I think the best thing that we could do is to add some form of reward for holding Verium. VeriCoin has its stake interest and I think that Verium (as the store of value that it is supposed to be) needs to have something to reward those that hold it rather than mine and sell it. Something like masternodes would be really good as the incentive to hold would be there and there is lots of interest in all masternode coins at the moment so would be good publicity as well. The advantage we would have is that with the decent circulating supply then we wouldn’t have silly thousands of % ROI for them so it would avoid the pump and dump seen on other masternode coins.

Aside from that I think the devs are doing a great job, and items on the roadmap will be here when they’re here – it’s another great thing about the coin that when something is released then you know it’s going to work and that is always worth the wait! I think the best thing we can all do is spread the word so we can get to dual blockchain being enabled and P2P mining will be really amazing for getting more smaller miners into this again when they aren’t paying the 0.2VRM fee just to get their coins out of a pool.

Q: What drew you in towards cryptocurrency (the tech, the investment, the community aspect, etc.)?

A: It was an article on bitcoin mining on the that first got me into it, I didn’t go into bitcoin mining as I had missed the boat, but got into GPU mining, and then into ASICS etc. The technology and ability to generate money to pay for more technology is what kept me on it I think. That coupled with the fact that the closest I get to engineering at work now is on PowerPoint has meant that I found this as a release for my inner engineer again, and it needs to be let out or silly things like oil cooled rigs pop out every so often!

If it gets to the point where VRC, VRM or BTC goes up enough that I can retire then that will be a really nice bonus on top, but in the meantime so long as it keep paying for more tech for me to play with then I’m happy!

Q: Aside from cryptocurrencies, what are some of your other interests (sports, music, art, science, politics, etc)?

A: My job is keeping me pretty busy at the moment but I do make time for my daughter, the gym, electronics (mostly embedded microcontroller based), homebrew and have started running and will be getting my spartan trifecta this year (or more probably die trying on the 22km race!)

Q: Do you have anything you would like to share with the community?

A: The last thing I wanted to say is that a large part of what makes this coin what it is is you lot. Without the community then there wouldn’t be the active interest, the trading or the hashrate on VRM that we have today. What I’ve learnt is that just writing down what you’ve done (no matter how small) and sharing it will likely benefit someone else massively and save them a load of time, which will in turn build this community for all of us! Also a massive thanks to all the devs, moderators and really active community members that seem to find a huge amount of time to be around and helping out – without you there really would be no coin and no excuse for me to play with all this tech 🙂


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