VeriCoin Featured Community Member - Nadjozer
January 30, 2018

Featured Community Member: @Nadjozer

Editor’s Preface:
In the 2017 Year In Review Video and Blog Post, I spoke about how important community is to this project. Today, we’re kicking off a new blog post series that will feature members of the community who are making an impact with their contributions and talents. Some of these members you may already know and others may be doing more than you realize behind the scenes.

Q: Where do you live?
A: Caracas, Venezuela

Q: When and how did you first learn of either VeriCoin and/or Verium?
A: I actually heard about Vericoin in 2015, reading about PoS algorithms, but I didn’t pay much attention to it, back then I was only into mineable coins (that hasn’t changed that much actually). I got back to Vericoin in 2017 while researching about coins that ensure you can maintain a decentralized blockchain for life in a CPU (I started to see GPU’s mining Monero) and so found out about Verium.

Q: What aspects of this project made you want to get involved?
A: As I started to read about Verium I enjoyed the fact that it is GPU and ASIC resistant. The fact is, Venezuela is living in a hard economic crisis and people don’t have enough money for high-end PC´s or even ASIC’s for that matter. Over the past 5 to 6 years, the people have not been able to make much investment in technology.

It was hard to spread word about cryptos because very few people have any money left at the end of the month to invest directly in coins, and way less to have good gear to mine anything, but after I kept digging into podcasts and the Binary Chain roadmap and I was convinced this project has a bright future. I also loved the fact that this coin is proposing incredible solutions that other blockchains are having today.

“after I kept digging into podcasts and the Binary Chain roadmap and I was convinced this project has a bright future.”

Also, gotta love the community and how close the developers and staff are to it, I’m in a lot of cryptos and forums and I think I found the best place to hang out here at VeriCoin. The VeriCoin community quickly became my main hub.

Q: What are some things you have done to help the project so far?
A: To give some background about what I do, I’ve been giving advice about mining and trading to close friends and some external people I’ve met on local forums since 2014. Last year I felt more people where reaching out to me and then decided to team up with some other experienced people and create a startup called In our short period of existence, we have managed to get over 40 clients interested on blockchain technology. I currently aim to offer consulting in mining, trading, and am I leading development of blockchain dapps and projects here in Venezuela.

Verium and VeriCoin is my way of getting people on board with blockchain. We help small and medium enterprises (even the government has reached out to us) leverage the PC’s they already own to mine so they don’t have to make a huge initial investment. This is a great way for people to affordably get in to the amazing world of crypto.

To date, I have urged clients to mine Verium and have and built some Odroid mining rigs, talked on some radio shows about it, and have assisted on over a dozen of forums. Basically, I have been sharing everything I can about VeriCoin and Verium and why I think it is a valuable project. I have also started talking to local exchanges to start accepting VeriCoin and Verium.

I know I can do more for Vericoin/Verium because I know how to code and would love to be part of the development full time, but since there is a lot of work to be done here (more than I ever thought) I must focus on spreading the word in Venezuela. In the future I am hoping for some more collaboration.

Q: In your opinion, what are some of the most urgent needs of the project that you will like to see improved or changed?

A: As for any improvement or change, I don’t think about anything since we still have a long way to go with the roadmap and I’m sure we’ll start seeing everything clicking together as goals are completed.

The first thing I am looking forward to right now is mobile mining and mobile wallets. The people I talk to about it seem very exited about this aspect. We sure need to step up our game with more exchanges, but I’m sure that will come with time as we continue to grow.

Q: What drew you in towards cryptocurrency (the tech, the investment, the community aspect, etc.)?

A: I can say I was into cryptos since the “veri” beginning, the tech meant everything to me as a programmer database freak and P2P sharing monster. I had no doubts this was going to change the world, I still lean to the tech side of it however I’ve learned about economics and finance and have met a lot of crazy people like me during this trip.

Q: Aside from cryptocurrencies, what are some of your other interests (sports, music, art, science, politics, etc)?

A: I enjoy gaming above all, it’s what made me into who I am. I would not have learned any programming language if it had not been for gaming. I started into SQL at age 13 trying to emulate World of Warcraft servers and actually turned into a collaborative project with some other people (see ) I’m also developing a never ending game I want to release with my best friends that I’ve made through my experience with gaming. This project is not coming any time soon though. I also would like to have some kind of gaming community where people could meet and play anything they like (child dreams). I also love building computers, it makes me unplug from reality.

I’m also black belt at kick boxing, enjoy football and like most people on earth I listen to almost every kind of music there is.

Q: Do you have anything you would like to share with the community?
A: Just my best wishes for all of them. They deserve the moon, but we know that. That’s why we are building this ladder, to make it happen!


If there is a member in the community you believe should be featured, please contact [email protected] or direct message @bluelynxmarketing on Twitter or Slack.

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