VeriCoin - January End of Month Review
February 01, 2018

January End of Month Review

At the end of 2017, I released a year end review and promised the marketing team would be more active in delivering updates. Today I am going to share some of the highlights and performance metrics from January.

As you know, there is a lot of FUD circulating in the cryptocurrency space right now and it’s having a profound effect on the markets. However, there are a lot of positive highlights from within the VeriCoin and Verium community and I want to focus on these areas.

Let’s start with what I consider the most important metric to determine project growth:

Web Traffic and User Growth

First, I want to let you know we have shared an interactive dashboard so you can view these statistics on our website. To view the dashboard and learn why we’re sharing this data, visit:

One quick note. There was an inadvertent removal of the tracking code from Dec. 14-29 which decreases the true data for December stats.

January Website Users: – 55,360 (53,235 New) previous recorded high not counting Dec. 2017 was 18,820 in November. We project if December had full tracking, we would have seen 30-35,000 users.

January Wallet Downloads – VeriCoin and Verium – 13,367 Unique. To put this number in context to show the exponential growth, it took until mid July for us to 13,000 downloads 2017.

January Document Downloads (Whitepaper, Roadmap): = 1,715 Unique – more than doubling the previous high of 781 when the Road Map was first posted to the site. The PoST Whitepaper was downloaded 635 times, previous high was 245 in June.

Google Trends also indicates that both VeriCoin and Verium have reached their peak in popularity for branded search terms.

Community and Social Growth

EOY 2017: 3,293 Followers
31/01/18: 3,495 Followers

EOY 2017: 30,400 Followers
31/01/18: 37,400 Followers

Twitter (VeriumReserve)
EOY 2017: Unmeasured
31/01/18: 10,300

EOY 2017: 2,168 Users
31/01/18: 2,923 Users

* Props to @maximaus for updating the Reddit page. Check out the new clean design and sidebar when you have a chance.

EOY 2017: 623 members
31/01/18: 1,500 Members

It’s also worth mentioning that a new Discord account has been created for VeriCoin and Verium. you can visit the channel here –
* Big thanks to @masterminer for setting this up and agreeing to manage it.o

Overall, I think we can look at these growth numbers and attribute it to a few key things.

  1. The technology and team behind this project are truly innovative.
  2. Many of the people who entered crypto in 2017 are now becoming more educated in the technology and are gravitating towards the projects with legitimacy and able to solve real problems.

Speaking of sharing VeriCoin and Verium with your local community, check out our newest blog series “Featured Community Member of the Month”. This month we featured @nadjozer who is doing some amazing work in Venezuela. Take a few moments and visit the blog post to learn how he is helping the people around him to mine Verium.

Live Stream Ask Me Anything with @effectstocause and @pnoskerDeveloper

There was a successful Ask Me Anything in the format of a live streaming YouTube broadcast on Friday January 26hth. We encouraged people to ask their questions on Reddit a few days prior to the live stream. In addition, YouTube participants could ask questions in YouTube during the live stream. Community members were also posting questions in Slack. This format proved to be very popular and we plan on doing more in the future. Thanks to @pnosker @effectstocause and @verimad for taking the time to go through all the questions.

In case you missed it, you can watch the recorded version above. We have even created a shortcut / timestamp for each question so that you can directly jump to specific answers that matter to you most. Personally, I encourage you to watch the whole thing. We encourage you to use the timestamp links found in the YouTube description to direct other community members to answers when they have similar questions about the VeriCoin/Verium project or even cryptocurrency in general.

Limited Edition Physical Verium Coins Have Shipped

…and they look sweet.

If you did not put an order in during the pre-order stage, you still may have some luck in scoring one of these sweet limited edition coins. The 1 (one) troy ounce .999 Fine Silver Physical Verium coins were produced by @socal. Each coin can also serve as a cold storage wallet for both VRM/VRC thanks to the cross chain abilities of VRC and VRMs Binary chain model. To check availability, please visit the physical coin availability tracker.

VeriCoin and Verium Wiki Site Almost Complete

The VeriCoin and Verium Wiki is nearing completion. A big shout out to @joe_rondx for taking responsibility for this project and all the community members who helped in contributing content so far. There is still more to add and this will always be an ongoing process of updating to ensure we provide users with up-to-the-minute education, resources, and info to make their experience with VeriCoin and Verium as easy as possible.

VeriCoin and Verium – Around The Web

Each month we’ll review some interesting finds around the web that feature VeriCoin and Verium. If you happen to discover content that you think should be included, please contact @bluelynxmarketing on Slack or Twitter or email [email protected] with your find.

  • Reviews Verium –
  • @Birty (slack) had an article featuring his Verium mining rig featured in Electronics Weekly. -
  • A Guide to Profitably Pool Mining Verium with Low End Hardware was published by @vrmdude. –
  • CoolCrysis who does live streaming in-depth cryptocurrency reviews on Twitch did a very comprehensive analysis of VeriCoin and Verium for this followers on Jan 29th. He has posted the recording to his YouTube account which you can watch here: .
    Make sure you check it out and like / comment the video. You can also follow him on Twitter – @CoolCriSyS.
  • I forgot to mention this in the video but Part 2 of @effectstocause interview on Crypto101 was also released in January.  Here is the link to both Part 1 and Part 2.  You can also show your support to @crypto101 by following him on Twitter or donating thru Patreon.

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