New Release - Verium Vault 1.3.1
September 16, 2020

New Release – Verium Vault 1.3.1

Hello everybody !

Great news, the new Verium Vault 1.3.1 is released !

Installers and binaries are available on our Github, on the website and at the end of this post.

I will not write the full Change Log in that post as it will way too long but you can find them there:


But let’s sum it up

Verium Vault 1.3.1 – Notables Changes

  • Full rewrite of the core to be aligned with bitcoin core 0.19
  • Binary Split moving from a single veriumd binary to veriumd, verium-qt, verium-cli, ….
  • Improved synchronization
  • Security Improvement
  • Performance Improvement (CPU / Memory usage)
  • Reduce internet traffic usage
  • Multi architecture compatibility (x64, x86, arm, aarch64)
  • Multi Wallet support
  • New GUI
  • VIP1 Implementation: Fee will be reduce to 0.001 at block 520000


If you find any bug in the Verium Vault, please report it using github issue

Verium Vault 1.3.1 – Installers


Verium Vault 1.3.1 – Binaries

For those that doesn’t want the installer or that want Command line client, you can download the binaries


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Enjoy & Share !

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