Vericoin Verium National TV Commercial
September 17, 2018

VeriCoin and Verium on National TV in US Markets

At some point between September 27th and September 30th, the Fox Business Network is scheduled to broadcast a short educational spot on cryptocurrency that is presented by VeriCoin and Verium. The airing will take place during prime time hours to the U.S. audience. Additionally, the 1 minute commercial will be broadcasted to the top 100 US metro markets with a reach totalling over 51 million homes. The regional run will air at various times through September on the following channels but not limited to CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, Family Channel and CNN Headline News. There is also a longer six minute mini doc presentation that will be airing on public television’s “Success Files with Rob Lowe”.

In early 2018, the Success Files team reached out to VeriCoin and Verium to discuss the possibility of producing an educational piece on cryptocurrency.

“The producer had been doing a lot of research on blockchain and cryptocurrency. He indicated that he was noticing a lot hype in the cryptocurrency space and it was hard to decipher between the signal and noise. Their team had seen some of the educational videos VeriCoin and Verium had released and I think that is what prompted them to reach out to this project,” said Kevin Alvarez, a contributor to the VeriCoin and Verium project. “When we started talking, the crypto space was really going crazy with new ICOs being launched every day. I explained how this project is truly decentralized and how it differentiated from a lot of the over-marketed and hyped projects. We both agreed that there needs to be more focus on education and less emphasis on marketing if the general public will ever understand the real purpose of crypto. VeriCoin and Verium (aka VeriConomy) isn’t something that can be marketed in a traditional sense. People have to fully understand the real benefits of crypto before the technology even becomes relevant in the discussion. The Success Files production team is obviously focused on educational content so this collaborative project was a perfect fit.”

The extended mini-doc will be broadcast as part of the “The Success Files with Rob Lowe” series that airs on Public Television throughout the United States. In total, there will be 200 stations throughout the United States broadcasting this segment to millions of homes.

“It’s exciting to know that millions of Americans may be introduced to some of the core ideas and benefits of cryptocurrency for the first time. I think right now, too much of the discussion in the mainstream is based on cryptocurrency as a speculative investment. This is especially important because in order for a decentralized project like Bitcoin, VeriCoin or Verium to work, the people are the ones that need to be in control of it”, said Alvarez. “This means more everyday people from all parts of the world need to be able to take part in the process. One of the critical features of Verium is that it is GPU and ASIC resistant allowing anyone to mine it from their personal computers. I think the concept of decentralization and people being their own bank is a very important message that needs to be shared.”

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Watch the VeriCoin and Verium Video

The Success Files produced a longer version designed specifically to help educate as well as promote the VeriCoin and Verium project. This is not the version that will appear on Success Files hosted by Rob Lowe.

Watch the video on YouTube